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A collection of successful builds to help you plan your own.

William Lardinois "ThunderDogs"

I think I tried about 6-7 tunings before settling on this. What a great time, and my hat’s off to you - these cups are gorgeous, and the fit and finish with the pads is stunning.


  • Vibro Labs Maple cups

  • Fostex T50RP Mk2

  • Brainwavs XL pleather pads

  • Canare StarQuad paracord cable


  • 3-ports open

  • “Open Alpha” base

  • Modelling clay sealed pivot, SilverStone foam all surfaces

  • 3.5 cotton balls (teased) per cup

Additional Thoughts

“I'm playing with fire by direct wiring the cable to the drivers, but I'm using two zip ties as stress relief - one on the sleeved cable as it enters the cup, and one after the end of the paracord sleeving. Really, I just wanted to get to tuning these, and will eventually figure out a way of routing out the cable ports to accept a 2.5mm mono jack. At some point, I'll re-terminate the cable to be balanced, and will try to add jacks to the cups.

This tuning is standing on the shoulders of giants, and the naming scheme reflects that. It's the Open Alpha Dogs, plus the Thunderpants. ThunderDogs? AlphaPants? OpenPants? Whichever, they sound brilliant.

If anything, I want to bring out the upper mids a tad more, but right now, I'd call them on the warmer side of reference. Bass extension is great, and the tone of the bass is still punchy without overpowering the low mids. Treble clarity is still pronounced, but I think that's mostly affected by restricting the airflow behind the driver. Somewhere between 3 and 4 cotton balls was the sweet spot for me. However, I wouldn't necessarily call these "bright" cans. Overall, I just find myself forgetting about listening to the sound signature of the cans, and just listening to new details and nuances in the recordings. These things are wonderfully revealing, with a very black background.”

Luke Pighetti