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Pure Copper Cable

Pure Copper Cable


We know cables are a contentious topic. Our staff and friends range from total skeptics to true believers, and like religion and politics, we don’t discuss it at dinner. But just like Porsche is famed not only for performance, but also their legendary paint shop, everyone can agree that a luxury finish makes performance more palatable. Plus, if traffic ticket statistics are to be believed, obviously red makes a sports car faster.

In other words, a nice cable makes a nice headphone much nicer. And since we love nice headphones, we also love nice cables.

This cable is designed for true believers and priced for skeptics.

  • 24 awg Ohno Continous-Cast copper

  • 5 foot (150 cm) length

  • 303 Aerospace treated Polyethylene jacket

  • Type 2 Litz, 7 / 10 / 0.06mm lay

  • 3.5MM TRS gold plated straight plug with light recess

  • Lightweight PLA Y-split

  • Tinned terminations with channels labeled

  • 3/16 in (4.75mm) cup hole required

Note: 303 Aerospace is a UV blocking film that is non-toxic and works incredibly well. We apply it to reduce the effects of UV discoloring. We recommend reapplying it with wipes every few months.

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