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Grado Cups

We’re winding down production of Grado cups. Please enjoy the 30% discount (automatically applied at checkout) while supplies last!



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Experience perfect precision with our CNC machined cups. Exotic hardwoods with hand turned face take the aesthetics to the next level.

  • B-stock & Glue fit.

  • 3/16” cable hole. Zip-ties included.

  • Stainless grille.

  • Sold as a pair. Fits standard Grado headphones.

Installation requires ~60 minutes, bench vice, detail saw, soldering iron, and sacrificial Grado headphones.

Includes (2) finished CNC cups, and (2) cable zip ties.

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Q: Why doesn’t it have a slot?
A: You just took a saw to your cans and you’re worried about soldering? Plus, slots make cups delicate and a good tug will unseat the driver or split the wood. Terrible.

Q: What is the driver pocket diameter?
A: Foam fit (standard) is Ø1.865” ± 0.010”, glue fit is Ø1.805” ± 0.010”.

Q: What are the available grades?
A: There are two: A-grade is what we consider ideal and standard. B-grade may have minor blemishes, or may have a face that isn’t cut to our exact specifications.

Q: Does this improve the sound?
A: Does a Rolex tell better time than a smartphone? Exactly.

Q: Will it make my cans look good?
A: No. It will make them look fucking great.