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Tuning Kit v2

Tuning Kit v2


This tuning kit contains all the parts needed to tune a T50RP mk3 with our wood kit and the Brainwavs XL Hybrid pads installed. Sound signature is adjusted by adding front and rear damping felts.

The default sound signature (2 rear / 1 front) is W-shaped: fun, euphoric, deep bass, and a little heat in the treble. We love this signature, but we also know you’ll want to tinker, so we threw in some extra damping felts so you can play around. Felt behind the driver reduces bass and flattens mids. Felt in front of the driver reduces highs.

  • W-shaped (default). 2 rear / 1 front.

  • Reference. 3 rear / 2 front.

  • Warm. 2 rear / 2 front.

  • Bright. 3 rear / 1 front.

You can also reduce bass by sealing pivot holes, but we recommend doing this as your final step.

Installation is quite simple. Install the large baffle foam, rectangular damping felts, driver, and rear baffle foam. Then install the pivot seal, damping felts, and batting in the cup. Listen. Rinse. Repeat.

This kit requires a Fostex T50RP mk3, Brainwavs XL Hybrid pads, our wood cups, and a sense of adventure.

Note: The parts will fit the T50RP mk2, but we haven’t spent enough time with the combo to comment on performance.

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